Playa La Audiencia is just a short 10 minute walk down the hill from Villas Los Angeles. A variety of water sports activities are available there, Playa La Audienciaas are beach umbrellas, chairs for rent, and a small seafood restaurant. There’s also an open air market where you can have your hair braided like Bo Derek, or purchase T-shirts and souvenirs. The walk back up will help you achieve your Playa La Audiencia exercise goals for the day!

Club de Yates in tropical Manzanillo, Mexico
Mexico Manzanillo's pristine, unpopulated beaches are undeniably the most beautiful on the western coast of Mexico. Every beach near Villas Los Angeles can be easily reached by taxi in 15 minutes or less.

Santiago and the Bay of Santiago
La Perla beach (also called Club de Yates beach) is about a 20 minute walk from Villas Los Angeles and offers a secluded, quiet beach, which is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. This small sandy beach is on the southern side of Playa La Audiencia.

Playa Santiago at the Bay of Santiago is a 5-mile-long beach winding past beautiful homes and palapa-styled Ramada restaurants. This is where Playa Miramar is located and at the very end you'll find a lagoon that's home to many species of water birds. This is also the location of another popular beach known as “La Boquita”.


ShoppingManzanillo has many retail shops and all beaches have vendors selling everything from dresses to jewelry. Bo Derek braids (trensitas in Spanish), made famous in the movie "10", can be put in your hair for about 100 pesos or more depending on the style you choose. Vendors are very friendly, and you'll enjoy bargaining with them. Playa Miramar, located on the Bay of Santiago, has numerous tianguis (open air markets) that begin at the road and go clear to the beach.


shopping centrePlaza Manzanillo was the first shopping centre in Manzanillo. Here you’ll find stores such as Soriana, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Sam’s Club, and it's only about a 10-minute taxi ride from the hotel. If you prefer to get away from it all, the Peninsula of Santiago is quieter, and a world away from the bustling activity of Miguel De La Madrid Boulevard.

The small town of Santiago hosts a large tianguis (flea market) every Saturday. It’s interesting to walk through the many stands where ‘people watching’ offers an insight into how local residents do their shopping and what kind of products they buy. On Sundays the same tianguis travels to the little town of Salagua, which is very close to Villas Los Angeles.


There are many good restaurants in Manzanillo, most in the "Zona Hotelera" (hotel zone). Finding a great restaurant for dining out is always easy. Villas Los Angeles is conveniently located near many excellent restaurants such as Toscana which offers excellent seafood and continental cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. Also nearby are Portofino, offering fine Italian dinning, LeGaspi in Las Hadas, specializing in continental cuisine, and Los Delfines that offers a beautiful view of the ocean.


Golf CourseMany great golf courses can be found close to Villas Los Angeles. The incredibly beautiful Las Hadas golf course La Mantarraya is only minutes away, and pro instruction is available. Club Santiago is also nearby. The courses at Isla Navidad and El Tamarindo are only an hour away and are well worth the trip!


The Hotel Tesoro offers tennis courts as does Las Hadas.
Both are very close to Hotel Villas Los Angeles.


The Las Hadas Marina and the famous Las Hadas Resort are only a short distance from Hotel Villas Los Angeles. There you’ll find many new restaurants, some are well worth the trip including Poco Pazzo, and Bistro Marina, to name a few!




Hiking, Scuba Diving and Snorkelling ...

There's an incredible range of activities for you to choose from in the Manzanillo area; join organized hiking, deep sea fishing, travel in ATV's through the jungle, and there's an incredible Zip-line as well.


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